Zero to Sixty

Leaving JFK airport in NYC . . . hopefully! Relatively speaking, this winter in the Virginia/D.C. area has been mild. Last year's historic snowfalls make this winter seem practically balmy, but it seems that New York is getting the lion's share of snow days this year. I left my home last Wednesday morning at 5:30 … Continue reading Zero to Sixty

Three Truths and a Lie, No.1

Which one do you think is the lie? There is not one thoroughbred racetrack or registered polo club in all of Nevada. The Sands was the first resort hotel on the Strip. I am moving to Las Vegas next month. Lake Mead is the largest reservoir in the United States. Leave a comment with your … Continue reading Three Truths and a Lie, No.1

Year’s End 2010, Part 2

August: Saratoga Racing Ah . . . Saratoga, the August place to be. Sadly, this was the first summer in six years that I was not a full-time Saratoga resident. Admittedly, I watched the races with full paddock coverage almost daily from my iPhone or my computer via, so I did catch a lot of what I would … Continue reading Year’s End 2010, Part 2