Frenchman Edmond Locard, one of the earliest forensic scientists, established the basic principle that with every contact between two things, people, etc., there will be an exchange. Essentially, we leave a part of ourselves behind and take with us a part of what we’ve touched, where we’ve been, who we’ve met. While we may not see what we’ve taken with us–or what we’ve left behind for that matter–the impressions remain creating trails, maps of our lives. We are a conglomerate of every experience we’ve had, every person we’ve met,  every place we have been.  But also, we have affected all those things as well.

Among the many things that I enjoy and am interested in, two top the list: books and horses (and the order of these is irrelevant). My love of both those things has affected my life in ways that I am aware of and in other ways I have yet to realize.  So The Paper Trail (and I do see the irony in a blog entitled The “Paper” Trail) is the trail of what these two loves (and from time to time others such as food, fashion, and dogs/animals as well)  have left  in my life.

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